Unable to read files

I have a copy of version 2.0. I am trying to open my files that I previously had no issues with and a grey horizontal window pops up and reads “The following errors ocurred: unable to read/destination folders (all of them)/filename/elements/Draw.###/Draw-#.tvg” and it lists all the panels per scene. The camera panel is BLANK!!! for all scenes. The captions are there, and the thumbs may be visible at the bottom, but when clicked they go blank…This didn’t happen, all of a sudden, my files won’t be read. All of them, old and new, created in 1.6 and 2.0, for no reason. Please help me, is all of a sudden something wrong with my software copy?? Is my dongle key broken? (I am begging that is the case)

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Hi egara

This sounds serious. Try to take contact with



Hi egera, right about now, I’m facing a similar issue :pleading_face:… and it’s killing me.
Was there any help to yours at all?.. If there was pls share with me. Thanks.