Unable to move peg?

I got stuck in the inability to move a peg: peg selected, using the transform tool, peg shows yellow with control points, but when I try to drag it by the center control point, it turns red and it doesn’t move. Any clue what may cause this?

This issue has been resolved, by your Support department and, independently, by myself.

The issue was solved by removing the pegged camera, which somehow interfered with the other peg transformations. I agree with your Support department that it is preferred to first get a scene animated and, then, add a camera. On the other hand, when a camera movement needs to be synchronized with character movement, it is not unusual to go through a process of trial and error, where both camera and characters will be moved. The user interface should always behave predictably.

It had a big panning background. I communicated details on this with support, but couldn’t convince them of this being a bug.

Hmm, red is often when the Animate button is off, but even then it shouldn’t prevent it from moving.

Double-click on the layer to open up the Layer Properties and check that “Animate Using Animation Tools” (Animate Pro only, Advanced tab) is on.


Hmm, interesting… Having a camera with a peg should not prevent you from being able to animate your drawing layers. In fact, I do this all the time.

Was there something additional going on in your scene?


I’m going to follow up with the ticket in support to double-check whether there’s a bug or not. Thanks!