Unable to Mark Keyframes

Hey There,

I am trying to mark keyframe drawings in Harmony 10.3 and receive an error message every time I attempt to use the ‘Mark Keyframe’ button in the side bar. I have tried F6 as well, it doesn’t like that command either. The only way for me to mark a drawing as a keyframe is to go into the menu and use the ‘Insert Keyframe’ command. It tells me there is “No Current Selection” even though the frame I want to mark is selected in the timeline. Any Ideas?

I attached a screen shot as well, never had this problem before and can’t figure out what to do different.

Thanks Much!!

Misha :slight_smile:

Does it work if you have animate mode selected? The little yellow person button?

Nope :confused: same error.

Sometimes you can click on the drawing itself in Camera View or a cell in the Timeline and not activate its column in Xsheet.

When I got the No Current Selection message is when I had selected something but the column in Xsheet had not become highlighted. When you receive the No Current Selection message have Xsheet open and click on the Drawing/Cell column. You should be able to mark the drawing after you receive and dismiss the No Current Selection message box.

Wish I could tell you what is going on. I don’t understand it. I suspect the software’s response is normal and sourced to operator error.