unable to import sound files (wav)

Hello. I am unable to import sound files, specifically wav files and it is imperative that I do this. I gives me an error message that says it is unable to process my sound file. Is there something I am doing incorrectly? Any help would be great.

what settings are in the wav file?

Can you play it with your standard windows media player?

You could download audacity (it is free) and use that to convert it to a different type of wav file and see if ylu can import that.

this happened to me before, and it turned out it had to do with the wav settings. even though i could play it in windows media player, it gave me the same error message in toonboom and i wasn’t able to play it in my video editing software as well. so i changed my wav file to 44100 sample rate and 16-bit resolution and that worked.

It might be related to the bit rate or the sample rate of the sound file. If you still run into trouble, then write in to support@toonboom.com.