Unable to flatten/ optimize Pencil lines

This is going to be one of many posts of questions about ToonBoom: Harmony 17

I’ve been rigorously learning ToonBoom: Harmony, and I am just amazed by all it’s wondrous features! But, on my journey I have run into some small quirks that I was wondering if tech support or the community had fixes for! This issue in particular, That for some odd reason, the flatten tool refused to work on my pencil lines.

I was preparing my drawing for morphing, and wanted to flatten sections of lines to optimize the morph. To my dismay the flatten tool had no effect on my drawing! So I took to the forums, and others were having this problem too, but many years ago.

I remember the reason was about Wacom drivers or something. I personally cant see how drivers would effect how pencil lines flatten. So I ask upon the professionals of this wonderful community. I’m sure you’ve ran into this before, there must be a simple explanation! Most issues I’ve found in Harmony, tend to be user error. :stuck_out_tongue:

Keep learning!

Jacob Ethan Turner

Swipe the fill area instead of clicking. For some reason if you click it keeps the original shape and the filled area separate. But if you swipe to fill it makes it into one shape.

Well, works perfectly here.
Sometimes, some line remnants remaining, just ignore them, the gradient fill will still work.

I am also having these issues with pencil as well as the brush tool. I would like to fill my shapes with gradients but the gradients get all messed up because the shape is made up of many pieces.

Here’s a video of what I’m doing… Maybe someone can help me understand why this isn’t working?