Unable to find a valid license for this application Harmony Premium/ There is no license for Harmony Premium on your account

I am asking for help to see if anyone can help me with my application. I bought the permanent license for Harmony Premium back in August of 2019 at close to two thousand dollars and now recently when I try opening the application it tells me first before anything pops up that it’s “unable to find valid license for this application” then it takes me to the three methods of activation and I try to sign in with my account but it tells me “There is no license for Harmony Premium on your account” but I go on the website and see it is here so I don’t know what to do and tried uninstalling and reinstalling, disabling some security features on my laptop and WiFi to see if that’s the problem but nothings worked and I really want to get this fixed not only cause I really enjoy the application but because I spent two thousand dollars for this product and now I cant even use it. Can someone please help me with this!