Unable to Export Movie to Quicktime?

I’m currently on a Windows 10 with ToonBoom Advanced 12.2. Every time I try to export to Quicktime it isn’t working. In which I manage to export but it seems to not have worked. I have the most recent version of Quicktime. I’m rather new at this so I’d appreciate some help. Thanks!

Hi, in what way does it not work, can you be a bit more specific please. Does it save a quicktime file but you can’t open it or when it opens it doesn’t play, or you can’t open it at all ? Also what export settings are you using.

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Note also that the latest version of Quicktime is broken on Windows 10.
You need to install version 7.7.6 or 7.7.7 instead.

Nothing exports at all, I can get to the export screen but after clicking export nothing happens. My export options are the default but I cannot access video settings.

7.7.6 still doesn’t work for me strangely :confused:

Having the same issue. Even with the older version of Quicktime, i still get nothing at all when i try to export, no error code or message or anything.

I would just like to confirm (despite quicktimes security flaws with windows) that the method stated above does work flawlessly. I really hope the devs start supporting different movie export types as i would rather not have vulnerabilities on my computer, but have no choice as of right now. Thank you Miks for sharing your solution!

Seeing this kind of threads unsolved certainly doesn’t encourage me towards updating to Harmony anytime soon.

The real issue is the continued reliance on Apple’s Quicktime, which is a dog on Windows, and not even officially supported on newer versions of Windows (up to Win 7!). Toonboom’s developers should really STOP relying on QT (on WIndows at least).

I just do not export to MOV files at all any longer, and I only work by exporting image sequences. It is a bit of a bother at times to be forced to render these (together with the sound tracks) in external software, though, for quick client previews.

Quicktime on Windows is dead. as far as I can tell. Apple does not seem to be interested at all to update it properly anymore. TB should start supporting AVI and MP4 export at the very least.

But I find it hard to believe that the TB dev team has not already picked up on this. I am pretty sure that additional movie format export options will become available in the next major update. And if not, they are fools.

You are absolutely right hvanderwegen. I totally agree with you. On latest windows QT does not support properly as compare to old windows like xp. The given suggest is also good that TB developers should work on others file type formats of movies. In the other hand, apple is also not update its software. Anyways, i am a big fond of movies and mostly prefer online movies with my friends especially at weekends on different sources like letme watch this letsmewatchthis.net . Anyways, thanks for sharing the nice stuff with us.

Hi Asteri,

My computer also runs on windows 10 with ToonBoom Harmony Premium 12.2, Im also having this kind of problem when I tried exporting/importing .mov files for the first time, but I have found a solution, I installed quicktime application on my computer and opened ToonBoom to run as Administrator, now my ToonBoom Harmony Premium exports/imports perfectly.
Hope this method will help.


Are you all aware of the security issues with Quicktime for Windows?




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It has been a year. But I also had this issue when I started so I hope they start working on alternatives for Quicktime soon. For the benefit of all their non apple users.

I stopped exporting with quicktime altogether and just do render write notes and render out as png4s, then assemble in premier. Quicktime outside of crashing above also has gamma shift, horrible outdated crappy codecs.

How did you do this please?