Unable to export image sequence from file with 3D FBX animation

The file works fine in the viewport and will render still images of the FBX from Maya correctly. It also has no problem rendering the 3D in OpenGL if I remove the MayaBatch node. However when I go to render an image sequence or a movie, it just hangs at 0% and doesn’t render anything. The 3D is an FBX with lots of different parts. It has a Subnode Animation node on it with keyed elements- again, plays back fine in viewport. If i disconnect the 3D (FBX +subnode animation) from the Composite, it will render the other 2D stuff OK. But as is it just crashes. Any help/ insight appreciated!

Did you configure your system to be able to render through Maya?


Yes (it would not be able to render single frames if I hadn’t). I’ve had some success in dividing the render up into smaller sections, but this only seems to work some of the time- others it just hangs at 0%

If it hangs it could be the system running out of resources or
it could just be taking a long time to render if it’s a complex scene.

Try contacting support to have a look on your system if the
problem continues.