Unable to draw

I have recently bought Harmony and was looking forward to using my XP-Pen tablet, but I can’t seem to draw consistently in the program with the pen. It’s not like other issues I’ve seen people have where they get a red circle and a cross through it when they try to draw, I have the regular drawing symbol like I should be able to draw. If I use my mouse to make marks it works perfectly fine, but if I go back to my pen nothing happens. I do seem to be able to make one mark if I click off the program, but after that one line I can’t draw anymore and even that doesn’t work all the time.

I have updated the drivers and everything, so I am at a stand still right now. So I’m hoping someone here can help out. Thanks for your time!

Note: I can click on things outside of the drawing space like changing my tool, I just can’t draw in the drawing space.

Only Wacom tablets are fully supported. With non-supported
tablets you will have varying success getting it to work.

Try going into the preferences of Harmony and on the
“Advanced” tab, try unchecking “Use QT Wintab Tablet
Support” if this tablet uses Ntrig technology. Close
and relaunch Harmony.

Also try uninstalling all tablet drivers and tablet preferences
(in case of driver conflict). Reboot, re-install the latest driver
for your tablet and reboot again.