Unable to draw on Stage


As a new user of Toon Boom Harmony, I would like some guidance on a few issues.

After installation of the software, the stage displays a prohibition symbol and will not allow any drawings on the stage.

I am familiar with selecting the layer and frame, the result is the same.

I would appreciate if anyone has a solution for this issue.

Thank you

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I also occasionally get this issue.

I will be unable to draw. Another issue I get is the pen and brush and other tools revert to a selection tool. So I can only select and not draw anything.

I have had same issue before. After I checked had selected the correct drawing and correct layer and it still didn’t work, I saved, shut down, and reopened. Worked after that. Can get to be a bit of a pain if it happens often, but has only happened a few times…so far.

Just happened again. Forgot to add drawing element to composite in node view and when I did this it fixed it.