Unable to drag with the rotate tool


I am facing an issue setting up the pivot point while following the pendulum animation tutorial on the website. When I hover around the central blue point (after clicking on rotate) to be able to drag the pivot, the four-arrowed drag symbol doesn’t appear or appears for the teensiest of seconds between the apparition of the two-arrowed symbol for stretching or the circular-arrows for rotating. I have tried to move around the mouse very, very slowly to make it appear but it doesn’t really help. Could anyone please let me know how can I resolve this? Maybe there’s a shortcut? Thanks.

PS: One thing to note is that in the tutorial, the cursor usually takes on the shape of a black arrow (as it should), both with the rotate option selected or unselected. One my end though, there’s a lasso sort of a shape, and doesn’t go away even when I select the “Select” option in the drawing toolbar.

Im facing the same problem , I cant change where it rotates from, that blue circle.
I was able to change it for 2 of my drawings but I think I did something and messed up
does anyone know what the problem is?


I had the same problem and I tried every configuration on Toon Boom, even uninstall and install again and nothing worked.
Then I realized I’d just installed a new OS and I forgot to install the correct driver for my video board, so I did this and solved the problem.
You can try update your video driver :slight_smile:

I hope this can be helpfull.

And sorry for the bad english :wink:

Hi Hira,

Regarding the Lasso cursor, it could be that your Select tool is in Lasso mode instead of Marquee mode. That’s usually the difference.

You can see more info here:


I hope this help and I hope your issue with the cursor was resolved.