Unable to do anything.

I’m had Toon Boom Animate on my windows 7 PC for a few months now, a few problems here and there but nothing too big. But now when I open the program, everything is greyed out (File, edit) and I am unable to do anything.

I’ve remove the program and re-installed. Hasn’t helped.

Anyone know what’s wrong?

best thing to do is directly email support and include your computer specs

Okay I have had so progress so I guess i’ll post it here just in case anyone else has this problem in the future.

I went to the windows bar at the top (for some reason that wasn’t greyed.) And went to workspace, and changed the workspace to anything but animation.

Now it all works again, if I go back to animation workspace, if all fails again.

I wonder if something got corrupted in your preferences. If you do a Windows > Restore Default Workspace and then you go to the Animation workspace again, is it still broken?

You can also try to delete or rename your User Preferences.

In Windows 7, you can find your user preferences in the following location:

C:\Users<window_login_name>\AppData\Roaming\Toon Boom Animation<br />
Go ahead and rename your Animate preferences to something else and then restart the application.