Unable to Detach Element from Peg in Timeline Window

I am unable to detach an element from a peg in the Timeline Window or, for that matter, reorder elements or move elements from not being attached to a peg or parent to a peg or parent.

When I click on the element, the little box appears at the mouse. But when I move it to where I want (in this case, I want to detach it from a peg), the little box just moves back to where the mouse originated and nothing has changed.

Basically, any changes/manipulations (including reordering) I used to perform in the Timeline Window I am no longer able to perform.

I am using Toon Boom Studio 8.1 and Mac OSX 10.10 (Yosemite).

I’ve been able to perform this operation since upgrading to Yosemite but this condition does seem worse since the operating system upgrade.

Is anybody else experiencing the same problem?

Have tried it this way?

Select the child (whatever you wish to move out of the Peg)
Right-click and choose Arrange => Detach from Parent

Thanks for the reply and, yes, that works (sort of).

The main menu path always works…Element > Arrange > Detach

The reason I say “sort of” is that the right-click menu is not always visible. Toon Boom Studio will sometimes display a menu that shows one single entry of the typical right-click menu in the Timeline Window…and sometimes I can scroll up-and-down to the point that the menu will expand. But sometimes the menu never appears. The other windows are greyed out (for lack of a better term) so it looks like Toon Boom is “trying” to show the right-click menu but it just doesn’t.

I’m not too worried about that because that has been happening to me for years…over several OSX versions AND several Toon Boom Studio versions. I just chalked it up to a “bug” and never bothered getting worked-up about it since I could work around it.

But I’d rather be able to drag the element to the parent, or off the parent, or to the position I want it. That is much more efficient (time wise) than going through the main dropdown menus or right-click menus.