Unable to create deformer chain on other drawings in layer

First off I’ll say that I’m not doing a traditional front, 3Q, side type deformer puppet. This is more a frame by frame animation that has sections where the legs (for example) don’t move very much and I thought I could just put deformer chains on those pieces during those chunks of time. It worked fine the first time I did it on leg drawing 1, but when I went to add a deformer to leg drawing 5 nothing happened. I could see that a module for drawing 5 was being added inside the deformer module in the network when I tried adding it in but no visible deformers could be found. Is this because the drawing was created after I created the drawing 1 deformer? If so, what can I do about it - ideas?


Under the deformation root, make a group named 5 and place your deformation chain inside it. The video tutorial covers this subject.