Unable to add camera?

I’m stuck with a scene that does not allow me to add a camera: if I add a camera, it shows up in the network, but not as a layer, and it cannot be selected in the Camera View. It seems to be not operational. Adding trough the layer panel or in the network does not make a difference here.

In another scene it works as expected: what am I doing wrong here?

Solved by deleting my backgrounds, adding the camera, and reimporting my backgrounds. Looks like a bug to me.

This has happened to me more than once. I wrote about my findings in the following post.


I did check whether a camera had been added to a group, which was not the case.

There was no existing camera. The new camera was available in the network, but not in the timeline. After removing my three backgrounds could I add a camera, which showed up in both timeline and network. This looks like a bug to me.

This can happen if you have the Display active (not the Display All) and the Scene>Camera>Default Camera.

There may have already been an existing camera in your scene. You can have multiple cameras, but you can only have one camera selected at a time.

I think next time it happens, double-check by going to Scene > Camera, and make sure that your new camera is selected. It should then appear in the Timeline.