Unable to Activate Software

I am facing problems with activating the storyboard pro. The license wizard activates the software but on trying to launch the software it returns a message stating it was unable to activate the software. Yet when I log into my account. It shows that my subscription is still active. I uninstalled the software and downloaded the latest version but still facing the same problem.

I’m having the same problem. No solutions yet I’m afraid. I’m in the southern hemisphere so any communication with ToonBoom support suffers from time differences- I’m losing days of paying work and deadlines because of this.
I enter all details, follow instructions on Licence Wizard, it tells me it’s all ready to go, but SBP simply defaults to Licence Wizard mid loading, and I’m stuck back where I started.
I’m told each time that activation was successful, so something’s not right.
…I’m starting to really hate Licence Wizard.