UI for Storyboard Pro 20.1 overflows off screen

I’ve been having issues with my right-click property overflowing off-screen. I saw that someone else had this issue on a smaller Cintiq and on storyboard pro 22. There was a solution on that thread which I tried (changing my Cintiq to the primary monitor and then switching it back to normal) but it was only a temporary fix as each time I open up the program I have to redo it.

I use a 24 inch Cintiq Pro with a resolution at 3840 x 2160 and scaling at 200% Other programs don’t have this issue it’s just with Storyboard Pro.

Here are some example pics of what my program is looking like when I right-click for more options:

If anyone can help me find a more permanent solution it would be greatly appreciated! It’s been interrupting my workflow and I really want to get my work done :'<

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To fix the right-click menu overflow in Storyboard Pro, try changing your display scaling to 100% before opening the program. After the program is open, you can switch back to 200% scaling. This should provide a more permanent fix.

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I have the same issue. I don’t get what the problem is but it’s very annoying, for sure. Hoping there is a permanent fix for this soon.

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