Ugo-Anyone, Please Help a newbie!

Okay, so I’m a OSX 10.5 user and I’m pretty much getting TBS down. But I’ve hit a snag, which 3-4 hours of reading through the forum and people’s links to other articles has not solved. Please HELP!

2 questions (and please, please be detailed if you have the time)…

1. I’ve been trying desperatly to use the camera feature to “simply” cut from shot to shot within a master shot… within a simple single scene. Alas, to no avail. Is there anyway to do this - e.g. go from wide, to close up, back to wide, then to a two shot, then back to wide to end the scene?? I’ve tried adding more than one camera, more than one peg to a single camera, etc (all based on suggestions I’ve read on the forum)… but I can’t seem to figure it out. Oh, and then I read the following from a member:

"There can only be one actual camera per scene, but you can work out the scene using more than one camera so that you can view your work from different possible camera setups. It is an way for evaluating different view points. You have to choose one camera for the scene but you can test several different setups before deciding. This is nice if you have worked out a complex camera arrangement and don’t want to mess it up, but you also want to test a different approach to see if you like it better. -JK"

Is this true??.. you’re only allowed one shot movement per scene you create and export? That’s insane if it’s true.
Which brings me to my next question…

2. Even being able to competently set up a single zoom in my scene (which looks great), when it comes time to export, I lose my camera set ups or movements when I export. If I Quick Preview, my different cameras, the shot plays fine in the preview, however, anytime I export, I get a single master shot scene with no camera angle or movement whatsoever. Why is this??



I walk you thru this type of multiple shots in a single scene process in this article. Re-read it and ask questions from there and I’ll do my best to help you. -JK

Multiple Shots in a Single Scene

This eLearning article should also be very helpful:

Thank you both very much for responding… I might have additional questions, as I will take the info from the articles and try what they suggest… although, TK’s article is informative, it really doesn’t lay out the technical blow by blow process used to do what the final video shows, but I appreciated it nonetheless (and the video was cute).

The second article gives me some stuff to try (and hopefully with trial and error) I’ll be able to get it. But I’m still concerned with the fact that when I export my scene (whether in Flash or Quicktime) my camera perspectives are not being exported whatsoever. Do I have to render the clip before exporting? Or do I have to enable something? Do I have to change my preferences somewhere to allow the camera’s perspective to be exported?

For example - just as a trial - I created a simple scene… I added a peg and dragged my default camera onto that peg… The red window came up and I moved it over the character I wanted to zoom in on… then I used the motion tool to zoom in for the length i wanted (15 frames)… then I hit play and it worked… then I Quick Previewed it and it worked… but then I exported it onto my desktop and it DIDN’T work. Is there a reason for this?



Well, “JK’s” and “Guitartist’s” recommendations cover the issue very well…
But if you like, here are some very simple video demonstrations:


U guys are so awesome. And Nolan, those videos were a great reference - I’m going to try everything and hopefully I can get on the right track!



YAYYY!! It worked! Just wanted to say thanks to you guys again - and Nolan - you’re the MAN!! Combined with the articles, those video links proved invaluable - I was able to do it in a matter of seconds after that… and it exported flawlessly… nowhere in the manual does it explain in any clarity that the key is to set an “in” and “out” keyframe on the “peg line” for the area you want to apply the camera and desired length, then use the side and and top view windows to simply apply the camera move to your respective desires. In only minutes (keeping in mind the non constant and constant peg settings) I was able to add four camera moves, which exported exactly as I designed them to. Wow, seriously, if it wasn’t for those videos, I was ready to wash my hands of the whole thing.

Thanks again to u all !!!