ugly lines


does anybody know what could cause the following problem?

After Upgrading from v3.5 to v4 (nothing else has changed, still using my IMAC with ATI RadeonHD2600) All the lines get “jaggy” or maybe “pixelated” when I render a single picture for example (the format does not matter)
When I make an Avi Movie the whole thing gets pixelated and blurry.
What has changed from 3.5 to 4? It worked like a charm before…

thank you in advance

I’m just guessing, but your display preferences are probably different in v4.0. When you installed they would be set to the defaults, not whatever you had set in 3.5. If that’s the case then try switching from Opel GL to Direct 3D or vice versa, then restart the program for the changes to take effect. Hopefully that should clean up your lines.

Thank you for the reply.

I tried different settings, but sadly It does not change the way the lines get drawn.

Check the following: OSX version should be 10.4.10 or later

Install the latest version of Quicktime. Please note that either or both of these conditions not being met can cause V4 specific problems-JK

They are the most recent versions :
OSX is 10.4.10 and QT is 7.2

The only other suggestions would be to check your quicktime render options both inside of quicktime and in the dialogs for options inside TBS at time of rendering. -JK

Thank you for those ideas.

sadly it still did not solve the problem. One thing I have noticed is, that it gets cleaner when I go up really high with the Resolution (2048x2048 and higher in the animation properties). but this is not a solution to the problem of course.


Have you tried to set the Renderer to OpenGL (instead of Quartz2d) and put the OpenGL full scene anti-aliasing under the display tab of the preferences?

If you computer supports it this should smooth the lines.

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Yes, I tried OpenGL, didnt change the problem. Funny thing is, that the pictures get nice lines when I make them PNGs (luckily thats exactly what I need at the moment). Maybe this hints to a problem with transparency?


I just realized I wasn’t looking at the wrong problem… your issue is that the rendered frames are not right, not the actual display.

This may be related to the settings you are using for your output. When you do an avi export have you tried to export with compression set to none or something pretty low in compression?

Which export format have you tried so far?

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you were right. It seems like theres only a problem with some formats on my system (jpg for example). As for movies, it works beautiful without compression. As soon as I use compression (Havent checked all possible combinations) it gets blurred. But thats not so important for me at the moment.

Thank you very much for helping me solve the problem