Ugee HK1560 15.6 Inches IPS Screen HD -Qoestion

Does anybody have this tablet to answer a very basic question for me? I currently have a 19" YIYNOVA display for several years now. It’s big, heavy and I’m looking for something smaller (but not too small). The other issue I had with this display is HEAT …not on the actual drawing section of the screen (which stays very cool) but at the very bottom of the display. It occurs at a very localized area and its possible to burn yourself if you place your hand on that small—“palm-sized”…area. Because this is a large screen I’m able to avoid touching this area…but with a smaller screen this would definitely be a problem.

My question is does the UGEE have any such issues with heat, warm screen or hot-spots?

I’ve watched a few youtube reviews to feel the tablet drawing ability is adequate, but nobody ever mentions this issue.


The tablet is located here:

I recently purchased the tablet and no it doesn’t have any heat issues it gets warm as the yiynova 19 which i owned before upgrading to the same tablet you are asking about.
Its a great tablet only problem is that toon boom doesn’t support it so there are issues with animating in it.