UC-logic tablet on Mac

My new 12x12 UC-Logic tablet just arrived and it works great on the Mac (except that the battery in the pen needs to be reinserted once in a while to keep the pen going).

It works fine as a mouse and fine in Photoshop.

However, in Toon Boom Studio, I can’t draw (but I can use the pen as a mouse just fine)! Any thoughts why I can draw in Photoshop, PowerPoint and the PenTablet settings application, but not in Toon Boom? When I try to draw in Toon Boom, I only get a dot where I put the pen down.

Could you please work with UC-Logic to resolve this problem? I would really prefer to use their tablet.


Hi Elaine,

The tablet you currently own is not actually supported by the software so we cannot guarantee it will work. In any case, the first thing you should try is updating your drivers for the tablet.

Best regards,


I have the latest drivers for the tablet installed.

I am wondering…if I send ToonBoom a tablet (one that you could keep and use for future testing), would you be willing to look into the problem? I notice that there are threads from a while ago in which it seemed like the same problem was happening with Graphire 2 tablets, and it took a Toon Boom fix to correct the problem. Since the same problem is happening with this tablet, I would hope that a similar fix could be applied so that this tablet would work.

or, could I get details for what protocol(s) Toon Boom expects tablet drivers to support so that I can pass that information on to UC-logic so that they can change their drivers to support Toon Boom?


Hi Elaine,

First, thank you for trying to solve this problem with us. I appreciate your help.

I thought I should reply to your message to give you more information on the situation with the tablet:

For now we only support the Wacom signals since we have developed the engine using Wacom technologies.

Now today, the popularity of other brands becomes an issue.

Supporting these tablets would be very nice and we will definitely look at the possibility for the next version of TBS.

Please understand that this would require a lot of time and resources from us to achieve. Therefore it is a choice we have to make on working on supporting more tablets or working other features for the next version.

In the past we have chosen to work on other features that a large majority of our customers/members would benefit from. This is why we are trying to wait until we see a larger demand to actually take the time to include the support.

You did well by posting your opinion here, this is how we can monitor the trends and see if we should proceed with the new tablet support.

I encourage everyone to post a comment here on this post if you are looking for support for a particular brand of tablet (other then wacom).

Thank you Elaine, I think you started a debate that needed to take place.