Typing Animation

What’s the best way to make it so that the text that is appearing on screen appears in such a way that it’s a single letter at a time, like typing, do I have to make a seprate layer for each letter, or is there a more efficient way, maybe an effect that I’m missing?

Hi Jade,

There are a few different ways you could do this without separating the text on different layers. Some are simpler than others.

You could have a layer you use as a mask where you start with a rectangle covering all the text and frame by frame erase a portion of the rectangle that would uncover a letter.
After that, you connect your text layer and your mask layer into a Cutter effect. If you need the timing to be slower or faster, you can change the exposure of your mask layer with the Set Exposure function.



That’s one way to do it. There are others.

Hope this helps!