Typical workflow - Animate and Flash

I’m new to Animate and curious about the general workflows people employ. My intention is to do all my artwork in Animate and also some small animated scenes (such as using Animate’s camera tracking features).

But then I’ll composit the final scenes together in Flash where I can draw on it’s strengths (preloaders, scripting etc)… Does this sound typical? Are there any pitfalls to this approach? None of my work has speech (don’t need any lip synching) so I’ll composit audio in Flash too.

Hi Gombul,

I can’t really say it is common but I guess it could be done. The drawback is that if you do your actual compositing of effects inside of Animate you would need to export to flv for the effects to be transferred to Flash since the effects are not build the same in our software and Flash. This will convert your scene to a flat image rather then multiple vector pieces.

Other then that I don’t see anything that would prevent you to do that, using the flv format would also allow you to do your sound in Animate which would avoid having you go back and forth if some sync need to be done at the animation level.

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i don’t mean to spoil the thread, but i’d have a similar question referring to the workaround to include film credits (text tool) done in tb studio and the animation done in tb animate.

as i understand it correctly i can’t export swf from animate as all effects won’t show (shadow, blur a.s.o.) to have the final work done in studio.
the other way 'round won’t work, too, as all texts in studio swf export won’t show in animate.

what ist the best workaround to achieve this?
thanks in advance.

Hi Rob,

The easiest way would be to convert the text to vector shape inside of Toon Boom Studio by selecting it and doing Break Text Apart two times. This will change the text to vector and it will be able to be carried over easily through swf inside of Animate.

This way you will be able to use your special effect without having to worry about losing some of the content over the export.



thanks, ugo :slight_smile:

I work this way with Swish Max 2.0 and Animate when I’m taking advantage of things like a preloader. If I don’t need a specific Flash type function then I work the other way around where I make the Text animations and such in Swish and then import that into Animate. I’ve learned to like this flow more now than ever before. I’ve much more freedom once things get to Animate.