Typescript definitions for Harmony scripting

Hey all,

I created some Typescript definitions for Harmony’s scripting engine. Harmony actually works really well with Typescript (at least Harmony 15 does).


Any help is appreciated in improving this; I have obviously not tested everything in here, but I have used a good amount of it.

I did not attempt to parse the complete Qt4 documentation for all the Qt objects, but I added stubs for all those that were mentioned in the Toon Boom documentation. Any help adding actual Qt4 definitions would be awesome.

The repository is not on NPM yet, will add soon.


Hey Bryan,

This is great! Thanks. It’s funny just a few days ago I had started to look at Typescript and it works great, and started looking for ambient definitions for Harmony. Was even looking into starting working on it. Glad I ran into your post here. I will star your repo, check it out, and hopefully collaborate on it in my own time?

Thanks again.


I have updated my repository with types added for Harmony 16.

I am not aware of any changes to the API for Harmony 17.

I’ve also added some more documentation on how to get started, but it assumes you’re familiar with using npm and typescript.