Two things I really think the software needs

it’s almost one year since I started to work with Toon Boom Studio Storyboard pro and it’s a really powerful software, but I think there are still a couple of features missing (or maybe now someone will tell me that there are but I am so stupid that I can’t find them :D):
1- The option to hide one (or multiple) panels. Not the layers but the panels. So if someone wants to try a different angle, or sequence approaches, he/she can just draw the new one and HIDE the old one without loosing anything.
2- I think a beautiful option would be a “corkboard” view, where you can see the first draw of a scene (or maybe also all the scene with a zoom in/out option) and where you can connect the different scenes in a “node editing” way, in order to have a fast overview of the whole project and on how to connect the different scenes between them (with also the option to leave some sequence out from the overall film). This option would be really helpful during the story development.

These are my 2 cents. I really can’t wait to see how you will improve this great software (I want a Toon Boom storyboard pro 3 soon :D).

Hiding panels seem like an interesting idea. I could see myself using this, but more for REVISED/OUT scenes. An interesting idea would be to implement how editing systems like Avid/FCP use multiple video tracks. This way, one board can hold multiple versions of a scene/panel in one project and you can merely turn on/off the track to be used.

Currently, our boards can go through multiple revision passes.

If the revisions are minor (only two passes and a few scenes) I’ll move the original panel/scenes to the end of the project and call it eg: “sc7_OUT”.

If the revisions are quite involving (three or four passes with over 50% of board touched upon), I’ll save a copy of the old project into an OLD-ARCHIVE folder, have the revisionist do the changes, then save that as the current master.

The difficult part is when conforming the projects, editorial will often cut back in earlier versions (revision passes) of changes, which means we sometimes have to go and hunt through old projects.

If there were some way of “hiding” scenes/panels in a manageable way for not only small but on a large scale basis, it would seem like a very useful feature.

I’d like to add a vote of support for this request, one I have often thought about too. Sometimes I put layer in the library for later or different cuts ( you know when a whole sequence gets changed, but you know it will just get changed back), I wish I could put whole panels in to save for later.

Yes I hear you on these ones. I’ve been playing around with the corkboard idea in my head recently as well, also because when we start to think about storyboarding different workflows, this becomes interesting as well. For example if you want to storyboard what happens in a game, you might want multiple different outcomes.

Of course this is a huge jump in complexity, so I can’t guarantee that we’ll be able to do anything down this road, but at least you know it’s something we’ve been thinking about.