Two questions

  1. For someone who’s doing traditional animation with little use of pegs/symbols, etc, would you recommend the upgrade from Animate 2 to Pro, and what features do you think would make it worth it?

    2) I can’t seem to create a template no matter what I do. I’m following the instructions to the letter (I think), but whenever I drag from the timeline to the library it always just creates a new symbol and never a template. What am I doing wrong?

    Thanks in advance for your help!

I’ll let someone else answer #1
but this might help for #2

My understanding is that the “Symbols” folder is for symbols, and any other folder listed there is for templates. Also, before dragging an element/action/etc into a template folder, you’ll have to right click on the folder and select "Right to Modify"

If you’re still having problems, it might be worthwhile to do a screen recording of your process ( on Mac it’s built into Quicktime X, and there are a bunch of free ones on Windows too )

the answer to 1 is try the Animate Pro PLE.

It is very subjective if it is worth it or not because it is impossible to know what features you would like.

However Pro is a signifcant upgrade on standard. The network view opens many extra possibilities.

Thanks, that’s exactly what the problem was. The Animate Library comes locked by default, leaving just the symbols library unlocked. When you try to drag something to it, just like you said, it makes it a symbol, not a template. So you can’t just drag anywhere in the library, you have to drag to the right place.