Two Questions- Render View and drawing flattening

Hi All,
Probably some Newb questions here (I am using Animate). I am having trouble with render view. When I am working and want to see the matted view or render view it never works (or only some times). When I toggle to other views I can see the animation but in renderview the layers are not animated?

Also, when I import drawing PSDs and color fill them in drawing layers in Animate I can never attach the outlines with the fill colors without grouping all of the elements- so when I move them around the color will move but not the outline- shouldnt I be able to flatten the image and have it all stay together?
I appreciate the help!

render view is slow to update and not recommended for playback, you should use it to sample your effects.

It seems to be happening with PSDs and just regular drawings- i cant seem to get all my brush strokes to flatten into one unit (without grouping). It may just be my sloppy newb workflow- but drawings (brush strokes and paint fills) in the same cell always seem to separate as i am moving them around.

So TheRaider is right on the Render View - what it does is it takes the current frame and it sends it off to be rendered and then brings it back into the software. Depending on how many effects there are in the scene, this can take a few seconds, so that’s why you can’t playback in the render view. You can just click on one frame at a time.

When it comes to the PSDs, I’m not really sure exactly what you’re doing. Are your PSDs layered images that are being imported with separate layers?

When you import them, are you vectorising them so that you can colour directly on the drawing? If so, are you vectorising with B&W or Colour?

If not, when you import the image, are you creating a new drawing layer to fill the colour on top of?

When you animate a drawing layer, it will animate the whole layer - so if the outline and the fill are on the same drawing layer, they will animate together. If they’re on different drawing layers, then you will need to make them both children of a peg in order to animate them together.


So I still need some more information on what you’re doing with the PSDs. Because a PSD comes in by default as a bitmap image, you should not be able to select and manipulate any colours at all. So you must be doing some kind of vectorisation on your PSD. What kind of vectorisation are you doing?

When it comes to regular drawings, if you have two colours that are the same colour but they come from two different colour pots, they won’t flatten together. So, for example, if you draw with the default Black in the scene, and then you draw with another colour pot that’s also black but it’s not the same pot, they won’t flatten together.

One way that you can solve this is to right-click on all the colours you don’t want to change, and do a “Protect Colour”. Then use your paint bucket to paint all the black over again with just one black and then the lines should flatten together.