Two questions, Please answer...

I have been having some slight problems with my toon boom studio 4.5.

First thing is that when i animate i tend to have my characters move to fast. What i want to know is if there is a way of slow down the frame rate so the whole animation overall would slow down a bit.

Next thing is that I have been working on a really cool animation, and now I just got a laptop so i put the animation on a USB and sent to my laptop ( which already has toon boom 4.5) to work on it some more. once i finished i tried to save it but the program would not let me and said something like i could not find the library or something like that.

Please answer, I would really like to continue animating.

For your first problem, you can either reduce the frame rate so that each frame spends more time on the screen or have more in between drawings to slow down the motion.

Secondly, for you saving problem, make sure to close all of the open libraries from your Library window. There might be one that the software has trouble finding.


Thanks, I’ve figured out the saving problem on my own but how do I find the frame rate on toon boom?

In version 5.0 it is found at: File>Animation Properties.

I’m assuming 4.5 has it in the same location.

The fact that you can change the frame rate in the software does not mean that you should use changing the frame rate as an animating technique. The frame rate should be set before you start a project and never touched after that. I suggest that you invest an hour or so reading this 4 part series of articles I wrote about Timing For Animation. Learning the basics is absolutely critical to being successful as an animator. Best of luck -JK