Two questions about PRO!

The first question is regarding the stereoscopic 3D. I was looking through the tutorial and noticed, everything it said you needed to achieve 3D, Toon Boom Animate Pro 1 had. Am I correct saying that?
And also, at the end of the tutorial it said to render out the frames individually for the left eye and the right, then open up the frames in a program called “Picture2Avi” Which picture2avi is this? I download one a couple of days ago, and it was rubbish.

My second question is, is it possible to make a sphere in Animate Pro?

Thank’s in advance!

Yes you are correct. You better off using a compositer to combine them, how you do this depends on the functionality available in your compositer. Using screen functions to take out the colours I have found gave me the best results

Sphere no. Well techincally with a script you might be able too but it would be pretty complicated. I have attempted all the basic shapes in my script (box, prisms, pyramids, frames etc) but all have like less than 12 sides. A sphere would need a LOT more than to create a spherical look.

Thank you for the reply.
I’m gonna Give stereoscopic 3D a go on my friends computer tomorrow (he has pro 1) and use the compositor.

I’ve not delved into scripting yet, but i plan to learn at some point.

Thank you once again.

You can just rotate the planes yourself to make the shapes, I just did the script cause it is really time consuming to keep doing that and means I can line the pieces up perfectly.

Ahh right, I understand now. Scripting does sound so much better as when rotating myself, it’s near impossible getting walls lined up with the back wall lol.

So with the Stereoscopic 3D, it says to render out the left eye images and the right eye images and then open up in picture2avi and combine the two to get the “off” effect. it doesn’t go on to explain how to actually get both images up at the same time.

Lets say, i have 100 images for each eye Left and Right.

Do i simply do this:

Left image 1
Right Image 1
Left image 2
Right Image 2 etc??

yes basically. However most video editing software should allow you to do it as a batch process.

The free one they suggested the best thing to do is convert the mov files to avi and just open the avi’s. However I found it was very restrictive on output size and decieded to go a different direction.