Two little suggestions

A couple of features (or improvements) that would be nice.
Change project frame rate and maintain duration. Please. :slight_smile:
Change project resolution and maintain cropping (I now the option already exists - but it doesn’t always work properly -seriously) :-<br />
Oh yeah, and bring down the cross-grade from SBpro to SB3D price , yoiks! ??? :slight_smile:

Lilly I think you have over thought this and tried to make it sound unusual or problematic.
Think about it simply, frames per second…
The duration of the project should remain exactly the same when the frames per second changes.

A 2 minute piece at 24 frames per second if changed to 12 frames per second, the running time would be , you guessed it - I hope- 2 minutes… yay.

Re-timing every single shot manually is not a task I would wish upon anybody, I don’t know why you would imagine it would be preferable.

In the instance of fraction of a frame, just round to the nearest number , it’s just one frame, if done manually the same thing would happen anyway.

Sometimes you sound a little patronising Lilly, I have to say. I think I may have just responded in kind, sorry about that. ???
I know this is a very valid suggestion, most of time based applications approach fps in this way or have a means to time-stretch multiple selections.

Maybe that would be a suggestion you would prefer, at least the user has ‘some’ options, rather than none at all, eh?

Thanks Lilly, I appreciate it :slight_smile:

For change frame rate and maintain duration, how would you want this one to work? Would you want all panels to be adjusted? What if you changed the frame rate a small amount, say from 24 to 25, and in order to make the duration the same, but adjust all panels, it would run into a scenario where it would want to adjust the duration of a panel by a fraction of a frame - in this case, I could see everything going a little bit wonky. I think it’s in the better interest of the user to take control of what they want to have happen here.

When are you usually changing frame rate? Is it because the project was improperly created? Or because the specifications have changed?

For maintaining cropping, this should always work. When the dialogue pops up asking if you want it to adjust, then you can click yes. When does this not work for you?


I’m sorry if I came across as patronizing - that wasn’t my intent! I am simply trying to understand better what you want to have, so that I can submit it as a feature request for you. Without having the details, it’s difficult for us to really understand what it is that you want or need.

I’ve gone ahead and submitted the request for you.