Two keyframes in the same spot - can't get to the first

I have two keyframes that are in the same spot and I can’t select the first one. Basically, the character moves until the 98th frame, then stops, and then begins moving again at the 105th frame. How do I select the first keyframe that’s at the 98th frame? When I click and drag that node in the camera window, it always grabs the one on the 105th frame, even though my playhead is on the first one. I’ve even tried getting to it in the ‘side view’ and ‘top view’ windows - I can’t get at the first keyframe unless I move the second one out of the way - which throws the whole positioning off. Is there a place to type in numerical values for the keyframe position, or do you have to move everything by hand? If I could type the numbers in, that would be fine, too, because then I could move the second to get at the first, then move the second back to the exact same spot by typing the numerical values in.

Is this a glitch in Toon Boom? I asked this question a couple days ago in the ‘timeline’ forum, and 6 people looked at it - but no answers. I hope it gets fixed in Animate because I can’t use this software if I can’t get at those keyframes. This is a MAJOR headache!

Are you using Studio or Animate ?

For Studio:
Select the Motion Tool (0) and the Camera-Peg, then use Top- or Side-Views and move the Camera-Cone / change the Time-Slider in the Timeline or position it on the desired keyframe and move the Camera-Cone again…Use the Properties panel for numeric input…

If you like, here is a short video demonstration (creating cameras)

For Animate 2:
Apart from the above mentioned, one can drag (move) the Camera-Frame in the Viewport as well… Use the Coord.and Control Points panel for numeric input…


You can change the numerical values in the Function editor at any time or in the Properties window when the motion tool is active.

To cycle through the selection of keyframes with the motion tool, the default shortcuts are . and ,

This will show the keyframe info in the Properties window.

thanks for your help, I was able to get it straight