Two issues: Why do all the topics that would seem to help me not exist? And why is imported/exported audio quality bad?

Whenever I would try to google any issue I would have with Harmony, the forums would come up but upon me clicking on the links, the “oops, doesnt exist or is private” page appears (ex. google ‘toon boom harmony bad audio quality’). This makes me very frustrated as I can’t seem to find a means to work around the poor audio quality when imported or when exporting my projects. Is this reduction in quality normal? Anyways, all help is appreciated.


Works perfectly here.

Assemble your projects using a Movie-Editor like Premier, Final Cut, iMovie etc.

Having the same issue here!

Same… Google links dont work, also all the post threads are full or spammers… Where are all the moderators ?

I am having the same issue.