Two different behavior for "Clone: Drawings Only"

It seems the option “Clone: Drawing Only” is not behaving the same way depending where we run it !

It’s confusing.

They both seem to work as intended for me. How are they different to you?
Are you on the latest version/build of Harmony 20?


yes sure, I made a GIF so you can see the difference.

The button (shortcut) completely duplicates the nodes and the backdrop BUT without the connections.

The option under “Edit” duplicates the nodes and keeps the connections BUT without the backdrop.

I thik there is also a difference between the type of duplication.

But I will post more information later


Thank you for the gif example, but this is working as intended.
Remember Harmony is also available in Essentials and Advanced Versions, which do not have the Node View. You have also set ‘Focus on Mouse Enter’ in the Preferences, be mindful of which view is focused/active (red rectangle around view). Some items in the top menu/keyboard shortcuts also have functionalities that are specific to the focused on view.

So in your gif example…
When you go to the menu, select File then down to Clone: Drawings Only the Camera View becomes Focused. This in turn will clone/duplicate what is selected in the Timeline Layer View. But when the Node View is Focused and use the Clone Button it will clone/duplicate what is selected but does not automatically connect itself to the Composite node of your scene.

As for Clone or Duplicate Drawings
Clone propagates the changes between each other.
Duplicated is simply an independent copy.

Hope this helps you out.

when running “Nodes->Clone Selected Node: Drawings Only” from the Node View’s menu it will work like as if you were using the Node View’s button as shown in the GIF.