Two Cintiqs with Harmony 17 Advanced?

I’m wondering if it would work to use two Cintiqs with Harmony 17 – One for the main interface, and the second one, flipped vertical, just for the X sheet?
Has anyone tried something like this?

Thanks for responding oOAmpyOo.

The issue that I’m anticipating with using a standard monitor for the X-sheet is having to constantly switch from the stylus to the mouse every time I want to do something with the X-sheet, and then back again to the stylus. My thought was to find a used CIntiq 16 and turn it vertically so that I could view a more extensive X-sheet, rather than the shorter section you see on the interface.

That said, it sounds as though there are more "if"s involved in doing this than I would be comfortable working through.

Someone posted a YouTube video of himself using two Cintiqs and moving from one to the other with the same stylus. However, that’s the only example that I’ve seen, and he mentions nothing about the computer setup he’s using for it, so a lot of unanswered questions.
The problem is that it’s such an oddball question, I wonder if anyone would have the answers to this. Perhaps if I ask Wacom directly, they might be able to give me some answers as to what this kind of setup would require?

This does make sense to me and if it enabled you to work in a smooth flow it would be worth the investment.

Have you determined whether a single pen could be used on the two Cintiqs?

Also would the two different models use the same driver and/or would two Cintiqs create a conflict?

A display is dormant while a Cintiq is interactive so I wonder. I suspect it would be similar to hooking up two mice devices. I have had a Wacom Intuos Pro and a mouse at the same time. Is there one universal driver for all Cintiqs? If you needed two different drivers that could be a problem.

Why not use a display for the Xsheet then use one Cintiq for your drawing?

It seems like a gross misuse of resources using a Cintiq for the Xsheet.

As for it being possible to use two Cintiqs, or two displays for that matter, you need to do a little bit of a dance each time you opened up Harmony as it does not officially support dual screens.

I have successfully used dual displays following simple guidelines.

(I have not used one or more Cintiqs.)

First, you will need a graphics card with the RAM and power to run everything.


  1. Create your dual screen workspace dispersing each view accordingly and saving it with your custom name.
  2. Each time you open the software you must drag the welcome screen to the secondary display before clicking on the Open button.

Following this pattern dual screens populate accordingly. If you forget to move the welcome screen, everything will open on the main display in a layered mess. You can correct it by closing the software, reopening it, then moving the welcome screen to the secondary display.