A short, very short story.

My second animation, cut-out, hoping its a little more interesting than last one.

Let mme know what you think bearing in mind im a noobie!

All done in toon boom including effects, put together in movie maker.

That was totally wierd.

I really didn’t get it. If it was a ton of suspense for that scream you had way way too much suspense.

Your first scene looked good except for the houses. If you walk outside your house during moonlight you will see you really don’t get lighting effect. You more get get fairly flat colours on each side of a house (because the light is coming from a long way away it actually acts like the same light everywhere coming from a constant direction).

With cutouts in that style, watch south park. They are the kings of using camera movement. Like instead of having the character walk accross the screen in a wide pan, you can cut to close shot cutting off the legs and imply the movment as you pan.

The intention was trying to make it as wierd as i can.The lighting was wierd at the first scene on the house, because i wanted to highlight the house.

I wanted it to wierd so your trying to figure out what the ‘stranger in the dark’ is.

I do watch south park, and uploaded this to get some advice from the critics.

thanks for the tips.

i thought that was o.k for your second animation i was still doin stickmen stuff at that stage so well done for that. i agree about the suspence though ther was well too much for nothing really. i thinks i might have enjoyed the suspence more if i even got to catch a glimpse at was was behind the door. anyway keep it up.

i liked the layout and composition of the first scene, i saw it and i instantly guessed the nature of what comes next. i think your choice of colors did actually highlight the house but made it look a bit unrealistic relative to the time of the day. if it was up to me i would do the following:

1- blur the foreground, blurring is the oldest trick to direct the viewers attention to whatever you want, easy simple and realistic, that’s why it works every time.

2-l’d dim the colors of the house to give a more nightly look, dim them to the point where it’s in clear contrast to blue background. i might have to go back and lighten the background color a bit if necessary.

3- if am still not satisfied and feel i the house still needs more highlighting, i would add a highlight effect to the side where the moon light is coming from. (if you need help with the highlight effect, please ask we would be happy to tell you)

4- if i am still not satisfied. i would add glowing stars and/or clouds to everywhere in the sky except for the area surrounding the house

what i am trying to say is, there are so many ways and tricks to direct your viewers eyes to something without losing to the realistic feel. but too much is too much sometimes, so start with one simple method and see how it looks, then add more as you go along.

i thought for a second animation, that looked good, though i thought you dragged out the suspense for a bit too long i started feeling a little bored. anyway, i don’t understand your fascination with scaring us every time :wink: but you would be amazed how much you could learn by venturing into other themes and styles.

oh and btw, i am not a critic, i don’t think i qualify for this title, neither are the majority of people here. i understand someone who just started animating needs support and encouragement from people who are a bit ahead of him, i started animating only six months ago, there are people here who have been animating for much longer, and there are people here whom i haven’t seen their work but we take on what they offer anyway and sometimes we just don’t but we always keep an open mind. sometimes they do really bring your attention to something you have somehow missed.

please keep sharing your work with us :slight_smile:


Suspense, was tryna get you to use your imagination what is behind that door. I know it was long, because the songs too long!

Anyway, critics, reviewers etc whatever you are, i can take on board what is said so i can implement it in future work.

@amin you done this for 6 months? your work is very good, hopefully i’ll get there sometime. Ive been doing this coming up to 3 weeks.

Thanks for the points of view everyone.

thanks :slight_smile: but it’s not that good yet.

to be a good animator you have to have a solid art experience and if you’re producing your own animations, then other skills come into play: story telling, key poses, storyboarding, layout, coloring, visual effects, audio and directing. i have been doing comic stories for a long time before i started animating, that’s why you may think 6 months is a short time.
i am saying this to point out that all these skills go side by side. as long as you’re producing animations all by your self, you sure need to dedicate time to enhance all these skills.
read books about directing, layout and composition, visual effects, storyboarding, scriptwriting, lighting, and more importantly, watch animated movies for more than 2 times, study them.

good luck! :slight_smile:



Wow that was hot on the heels of the first one!

I loved the look and feel of it. The meaning seems hard to decipher but it made me think about your intentions. I like that in a movie.

It could be too long but then it could be the right length and there’s not enough going on to keep us focussed. Sometimes, in movies like this the tension is built up and released a couple of times before the end.

I note you’ve used the “South Park” method of walking. May be a different type of walk would work better.

I agree strongly with Amin about working on the art side. It’s one of my many weak suits.

Great second piece of work.

Have you thought about submitting it to Newgrounds?


I love suspense. I agree with others about it taking to long. The sound effect really gave it a spooky feeling. I was expecting to see a monster in close-up screeming. To bad it was only a couple of hands.

But great second one. That’s two more than I finisht. When is the 3th coming?

Lol 3rd one im gonna work harder at. It was long, tryna mek it short and sweet. Just tried to make people jump.

Thanks for the responses.

@delah try posting and finishing, it’ll help you take steps forward, i know my animations wernt great, but i wouldnt have learnt all this if i hadnt posted them here.

What is newgrounds?

Hi Set up an account, submit your movie in *.swf format (max 10mb). Other users vote on it and if after 200 votes it’s got an average score of about 1.6 out of 5, they publish it.

There are pros and cons but it’s an interesting exercise.


ok registering now

What is the point of them publishing it? Just exposure?

One thing I do know if they made Adam Phillips bitey famous!

Re: Newgrounds My View


1) It’s another way of getting feedback on your work. The feedback comes in three forms:
a) Initial acceptance or rejection
b) The vote given to your work
c) Any reviews you receive

2) Unlike other forms of self-publishing such as Youtube, it’s focussed on games and animation so you get votes/feedback from folk that are relatively experienced in this area.

3) If you do something that’s considered very good by their demographic it will get a lot of exposure.

4) If you post something on sites such as Vimeo or Youtube you may find no one looks. On Newgrounds you’ll get at least 200 views.

5) Costs nothing to use it at the moment and they give you quite a lot of free storage.


1) There is no guarantee that someone who votes on your work has seen more than the first few seconds.
2) You may not be doing work that’s appropriate for the demographic.
3) Most users produce their Flash using Adobe Creative Suite. Using Animate 2 alone, you won’t be able to add the preloader that most users employ.

That’s my view.


newgrounds looks a great site to me for viewing other peoples content, seen some good stuff on there.

Hi Soy

I just remembered, here’s some guys that could teach us all a thing or two about horror. It’s from "back in the day"

I think I remember it from the time that I was researching the Academy Award nominated, animated shorts.


This has made me want to draw the first scene myself.

I have been trying to think of the best way of doing this since you posted!