Tween - Start to Finish

Can someone take me through a simple tween or two? Starting with a blank new document, draw an elipse, scale the elipse using tween, move the elipse around, and maybe do both at the same time. I looked at the Help files but didn’t get it to work. Thanks for you help.

Hi jsaverino,
Have you had a look through the How to Animate tutorials? These along with the other examples under Toon Booms web site section “Products > elearning” might help you get started? - they helped me alot.
Also you might try to make a search on this forum for steve ryan’s tutorials too

See previous post for Steve’s work…

(1) Create a new drawing element in the exposure sheet, and rename that element “ball”.
(2) Go to drawing view (window>drawing view)and In the first frame cell of the ball element draw a circle shape in the center of the page.
(3) Move down the exposure sheet to frame 48 and use the extend exposure command element>cell>extend exposure to extend the exposure of your ball drawing so that it will be on the screen for 2 seconds at 24FPS or 4 seconds at 12FPS(frames per second).
(4)Now switch to camera view (window>camera view)In the time line move the red frame marker to frame 1. Select the track labeled ball. Now go to the scene planning tool bar and select the scale tool. Select the ball in camera view and using the solid square handle in the upper right hand corner drag in toward the center of the ball to scale it smaller in size. Drag the handle about a quarter of an inch toward the cente of the ball just for effect.
(5) In the time line, move the red frame marker to frame 48.
Now take the scale tool and select the ball again and drag the same scale handle back away from the center of the ball to scale the ball larger. Drag it about a half inch just for effect.
(6) Now move the red frame marker back to frame 1 on the time line and start pressing and releasing the “S” key so as to advance to the next frame and watch your ball grow slowly in size.

If you look at the track for the ball element you will see a small black marker in the lower part of frame 1 connected by a line to a small black marker in frame 48. Those small markers represent the scaling key frames you created and the connecting line represents the non constant segment between them which is your motion tween. -JK

Thank you both for your suggestions, instruction, and now patience.

JK, I have followed your much appreciated step by step 3 times and I am having the same problem… no tween. I don’t get the small black markers on frames 1 and 48 connected by a line in the ball element track. Any idea what I am doing wrong.

Thanks again.

I suspect your preferences are set up to Create Constant Keyframes so you will want to do two things. First go into preferences and un-check the Create Constant Keyframes box on the scene planning tab. That way next time you want to tween something it will do it automatically after you enter the second keyframed value.

Next go to your time line and select the first frame of the ball element track this will also move the red frame marker to frame 1. Then use the menu command element>peg>set non constant segment

A constant segment means that there is no change between two key frames (IE the values stay constant) but a non constant segment means that the values transition from the first keyframe to the second keyframe according to an interpolation curve (they are tweened). If you are still having questions please ask and I’ll try to explain further. -JK

Thank you JK! You are a very good hand holder. ;D