TVG -> XML -> import in ToonBoom


I used the tvg2xml utility to convert a tvg to xml and wanted to import the xml back to ToonBoom Harmony using the script for importing an XML included in the script editor (TB_MayaXmlToHarmony.js). What am I doing wrong?

Thank you!

Hi Lisun & William ?
The tvg2xml utility is used for debugging purposes, it will convert your TVG files to an XML file format that you can read.
May i ask you what the purpose and why you are tying to use tvg2xml utility ?
Please let me know.

I tried to use the tvg2xml, and it does convert the file but everytime windows says tvg2xml stoped working. I ran it like this:

tvg2xml -file Antebraco1-0.tvg

I was trying to read the tvg file to find information about the colors used in each element. Sometimes in the studio we need to do a search by color. then i thought it could be possible to convert all tvgs to xml, then search by color id using notepad ++

Even running ‘tvg2xml -help’ gives me an error saying tvg2xml stopped working. Although it seems to be doing the file convertion it always gives me an error. Why?