TVG Readonly Viewer

I would love to have a tvg file viewer so that I could see what projects are which without having to open Animate to do it. Preferably, this wouldn’t require activation, so that anyone could use it. For example, I have 3 computers with projects spread across each, and it is a pain to have to activate Animate on each just to see which project is the one I need.

It would save a ton of time for the artists and may even help make Toon Boom a ubiquitous format for everyday folks like PDF, which will only help you guys.

Interesting request! Let me talk with the team about it.


Yes, this would have been very helpful since I am upgrading to harmony and want to convert Animate Pro elements to Harmony. Search of my drive showed some 37000+ TVG files. I’m sure a lot are duplicates (project file copy and library copy) or files used in multiple projects. I just was not strict enough with myself in my file organization. A simple viewer would have made this a snap.

great idea!

I was just about to start a new thread but I think its relevant to what’s going on here.

In addition, a viewer for Storyboard Pro would be fantastic! I understand there’s a PDF option for boards but here’s the scenario.

I often work remote and occasionally don’t have the most up to date PDF exported. The ability to pull up a .sboard file from whatever cloud service and show a client impromptu right on a smartphone or tablet with a iOS/Android app would be perfect.