TV ready

Hey there guys. I’ve had my TBS3 for about 4 months now…and tooo root too tooot tooo…I’m luvin it :wink:

I live in Sydney Australia. Production standards here means PAL system.
What camera size should i set my animation to and whats the best export file type ??? I might want to edit the storyboard in Adobe premiere.

Can some one advise my of tips for tweaking broadcast quality for PAL.

i’ve posted an appropriate link already twice in this forum. to be frank, i can’t remember the threads and i’m currently a bit short of time.
take your time and check the topics here. you will surely find answer to your question.

jeez, it’s two topics down here:
'Title safe zone!'
what about a tiny research?

G’day unuproducer,
PAL camera size is 768x576
Export as quicktime uncompressed and import it into Premiere as such.
I live in Melbourne. my email is if you want to talk further.