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Can anybody name a few cartoons on TV( or that were on TV) that are made with using a pen tablet?

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Check this out;

and go here:

Lots of interesting stuff about 2D animation here, but to answer your question scroll down to this article:

Bernard Derriman, part 2

where B. Derriman responds to this question:

AARON: Do you sketch out new character designs, and then scan them in to the computer, or are you drawing straight into the computer?

BERNARD: I am always sketching character designs everywhere, but for anything on screen I draw straight into the computer using a Wacom tablet - I don’t own a scanner.

And, finally, check this site out on Animation World Network:
(you may have to copy & paste it)

where I gleaned this bit of Comedy Central info:

"The studios use Flash for pretty much everything, except initially for the storyboards. “But now I do all the storyboards for the show on a Wacom monitor right in Flash,” said Brown. “My studio, World Famous Pictures, has 8-9 people all using Flash and Wacom drawing monitors, doing animatics, characters, backgrounds and animation."

I’m sure there are lots more examples out there, but I have to get back to my animation.

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I couldn’t live without my Wacom, makes drawing so much easier.

Thanks for answering my question. I was basicaly interested in one cartoon, Mucha Lucha, I like that kind of animation.

The only thing better than animating on a Wacom tablet is animating on a Tablet PC… which is basically a Wacom tablet on most models. My animating had stagnated until the Tablet PC came out. These things are fabulous for artwork! I have two: Both are Toshiba, simply because I’ve been pleased (so far) with their customer service. There are lots of other models that are as good and maybe better. I use them for my newspaper cartoons and animating commercials. I rarely use paper… except to scratch down an idea when I’m away from my Tablet.
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Do you get pressure sensitivity on a tablet pc?

I have been considering a Cintiq for some time now.

Mucha Lucha was made using flash so im usinf flash as well as toonboom for my film.

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Ok sorry i will delete that part of my post

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