I am an Illustrator/ Cartoonist. I recently purcahsed the Toonboom program and have a great deal of difficulty with the computer lingo. I am looking for someone that I can pay, set up a schedule at their convenience where I could call them once a week to walk me through the program. My goal at this point is to scan in a drawing and create a 15 second animated sound feature.

At this point I’m quite frustrated. I only need someone to walk me through once and I’ll be fine.



I saw this question and noticed that 100 also did but nobody gave a answer yet.
The problem is, I can’t help you either. I’m not a coputer wizz and calling me for questons is getting expensive (Holland?)

I hope someone has contacted you to offer some help.
Don’t give up!

cheers bertjan

I’ve got the opposite problem. I’m a computer geek but not an animator. Well, I guess I’m an animator now but not a good one IMHO. :slight_smile:

Anyway, I can be available sometimes to help ou on the PC side. I don’t know MAC much but the concepts should be the same.

E-mail me at mikhailnmc@juno.com and we’ll see if we can work something out.

Ive got all the goods but im in ireland…

I work with computers and macs and also animation

It is always nice to see people willing to help others, but folks, it might also be useful before you respond to a post to check the dates on the prior posts in the thread particularly the most recent last post.

If the last recorded posting is older than 2007, at a minimum, you can probably assume the post has been resolved or the people have given up, moved on, or all of the above. -JK