Tutorials: feedback & comments requested

As many readers of these forums already know, I have written numerous articles and tutorials to assist TBS users. But I haven’t created any tutorials recently, actually not for over a year. I believe that the drought is about to end, which means I’m thinking of creating some new articles / tutorials soon.

Here is your opportunity to impact the direction in which I will proceed. Use this thread to express your ideas and preferences. I’ll read, respond to and consider them all. I won’t guarantee that I’ll immediately create tutorials as a response to every suggestion or that I’ll format or present the new tutorials and articles based on every recommendation, but I wouldn’t be asking for input if I wasn’t interested in providing usable helpful material. If you are not familiar with the material I have already produced, please check it out as a starting point for your comments and suggestions.

I produce this material and provide it at no charge. Donations to support the effort are welcomed but not required or expected. Feel free to tell me what you think and what you would like going forward. I’m always glad to answer questions and assist other users here at the forums, but please put your questions in other forum threads, I’d like to try to keep this thread focused on input toward my creating future articles and tutorials.

Here are some examples of areas in which I would appreciate your input: (I’m not limiting input to these areas alone they are just specific areas I would like to address)
(1) Presentation Format: Article style, Slide-show style, Video etc. what helps you to master the material?
(2) Subject matter: What are your biggest areas of interest? character animation, effects, software usage, production processes etc?

There is no way that I can please everyone, but I can listen and try to help as many people as possible, so here’s your chance to provide input.

I just upgraded to TBS 6.0 so hopefully all future articles and tutorials will feature the latest interface and features. I’ll also try to identify differences when possible to assist users of earlier versions.

Thanks - JK

There is so much information you have already provided, you’ve already made my life with TBS much simpler. By the way, thanks so much.

Still, perhaps topics including using fills, transparencies, and gradients. More than just an introduction.

Something on the clean up would be helpful. How much is too much, will a large number of vertices make the render time slower, is flattening a drawing really necessary- things like that.

Although it is something drawn up before opening a program like TBS, storyboards are an essential step and would be interesting.

The production sequence is an excellent topic. (EDIT) It may be beneficial to include how many scenes actually make up, say, a 40 minute movie. Also, how many seconds scenes actually are. I timed the entire movie, “Final Fantasy”, boy was I surprised.

As for format: who doesn’t like videos. Still, article based is ok. Your slide show type is really nice. Really like the one on frames and cells.

Thank you so much for your input and suggestions. Hopefully other readers will also respond so that I can get plenty of good ideas of what people like. I certainly am planning to add videos to the other styles of presentation. Video is a great tool for communicating and it will be a fun challenge to figure out the most effective ways to use it.

Fellow Readers:
More input, comments, thoughts and suggestions please -JK

I am now in TBS 5 after a few months of no animating. I am inking and coloring my main character: Frog Woman. What I still have trouble understanding is THE LIBRARY. I have read the TB manual and it gets me nowhere fast. However when I follow along via video, or a well-written article (that includes all the steps and not just the major steps) I understand better how to master the task at hand.

So, videos or well thought out and clearly written articles are my preference.

As a subject matter: a video on using the library: creating a character>saving the character torso in various perspectives>continue with short animation>retrieving torso from library (rather than redrawing the character)>adding other reusable aspects to the library: backgrounds, props contained in the environment: telephone, car, etc.
Thanks. My current rough (uninked project): Off to animating! Here’s the link to my “roughs”: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eI9eeFaPwOI.

Thanks for your input; check this page in the Cartooning In ToonBoom WIKI for a good overview on the LIBRARY

I’ll definitely use your suggestions for things to clarify in my next tutorials.

Thanks -JK

OK readers keep the suggestions coming, I’m listening and I need your input.

I’ve gotten some interesting feedback so far, so thanks for that. Perhaps some forum readers are unsure of the types of input for which I’m looking. I’ll try to give you some more specific options and you can treat this thread like it were a survey or poll of sorts.

Do you prefer video tutorials? or Do you prefer article style tutorials with embedded slide shows?

Do you prefer short concentrated tutorials that focus on just one or two things? or Do you prefer longer more complex tutorials that are presented in multiple parts?

Do you find software usage tutorials to be more important than tutorials that focus on animating techniques? or Do you prefer tutorials that focus on producing animated content and just deal with the aspects of the software as part of that process?

I’m planning a new series of tutorials as well as updating and revising many of my earlier tutorials, so now is the time to give me input on what you would like to see. This is all material that is being presented to help you and others who want to animate using TBS so don’t be too bashful. Even if you are a total newbie to animating and/or TBS, your opinion is valued.

Once again, Thanks -JK

Hi JK,

I’m quite new to using TB, in fact, I’ve only just started to use it; and it’s my first look at animating in a digital fashion.

I’ll have to hunt down articles you have already written, so I haven’t read any yet, so do forgive me If I mention things you have already covered. With that in mind, I’ll probably keep things generic in nature.

In respect of presentation, I think video’s can work very well. I’ve used video tutorials before, and I found it handy to follow instructions and see what’s happening as I use the application at the same time.

Isn’t there an old saying along the lines of - Explain it, show them, let them do it.

Anyway, for me, I would like to see tutorials that explain the functionality of each tool in TB, and examples of what can be achieved.

It would certainly be interesting to hear of processes that are followed in animation in general.

Perhaps a section on tips, etc.

I hope this isn’t redundant and has been of some use.



Thanks for the input, you can find my prior articles and tutorials at The Cartooning In ToonBoom Learning Track. I try to be very through in showing and explaining things step by step and I am always trying to improve the presentation to be even better. I like the suggestion of focusing on individual tools so I’ll try to incorporate that more into future tutorials. And explaining tips and tricks is always a part of my tutorials.
Once again thanks,