Tutorials... Argghhh!

Maybe I’m just slow but is anybody else frustrated by the tutorials on the website? For weeks I’ve watched that dang rabbit get flipped around, renamed, broken down, rebuilt, renamed again and stored somewhere and I still don’t know what any of it means. Just when I think it’s actually going to be animated, the video ends. I appreciate that this is a complex program and those videos take time and effort but if they’re going to make more can they actually show how templates and symbols apply to real projects and not just more robotic administrative busywork?

Not as mad as I sound,

It sounds like you’re not slow - you’re speedy! You simply finished the tutorials before they’ve got the next ones ready to post. Patience, Luke! Cut-Out Animation is coming March 4th, just one more week, and I imagine that will cover using the templates and symbols from the Library tutorials. Hang in there.

You’re right. Maybe I should try decaf. :stuck_out_tongue:

I have some different tutorials which are definitly a change of pace you might like on my youtube channel.