Tutorial: Setting up a eye rig with morphing eyelid


I am uploading the other 3 parts right now. This is probably a bit more advanced than my other tutorials.

It is done in Animate pro, however I flick over to standard Animate to show how things can be done in that too.

The morphing I drew the shapes too well to the point I didn’t really need contour hints but i put them in anyway in case you need them.


As always if you have any requests of what you would like to see etc let me know.

edit all four parts up now. Just go to my channel page to find them.

I am getting so many I am going to need to have some pages to organise them or something.


Many thanks and props to you for the great work with the tutorials; they are very well done and extremely helpful. The eye tutorials are timely for me; I’ve searched extensively over the past couple of weeks for some quality instruction for doing eyes and you provide that.

I hope that you continue on with the great work and tutorials; Animate Pro is a massive tool to master (massive in the sense that there is so much to learn and so much the program will do), and the quality tutorials that you are providing make the learning process more enjoyable.

Thanks again,


I am glad you enjoyed it. This one seems to be one of my better recieved tutorials. It seems the people most interested in my tutorials would like to see things a little more advanced.

The actual drawing of the character was probably my least popular tutorial which somewhat suprised me. I am just guessing what people would like to see. But at least I have a character now that I didn’t do offscreen to do more advanced things on.

I will definitly continue with the tutorials. I have tentative plans for stereoscopic ones once I have it down (and scripts to help automate the process).

Im just now trying to learn toon boom so Ive got a long way to go but I would like to see tutorials on creating different environments and backgrounds and how you interact the characters with them.

i will take that into consideration :slight_smile:

Did you know if you go back on my youtube channels and look at my very first tutorial it was creating a hilly background with multiplanes?

I hadnt seen it but will check it out.
Thank You

Hi James,

I set up an eye rig following your tutorials and all is fine. However, there is one part that I have not been able to figure out or find any additional information on. In the tutorials that I’ve come across, the irides (or irises) have all been black; however, the irides for the drawing that I am working on are green (see image below).

What I have not been able to figure out is what I need to do to not have the irides overlay the outline/border of the eyebacks; do you have any suggestions?

Thanks for your assistance with this,



I thought (I hope!) I covered this although it was a brief mention. I may not of but I intended too.

For your eyeback layer you just select it all and press F9 to create a new drawing from the selection and delete your white (or whatever colour you have inside) so you only have the outline. Then move this to the top above everything will appear under it so you will always have an outline. I notice you are using pro so you might need to reorder in network view as well to get the order correct.

If you want the effect where the outline dissappears as you close your eye then you need to place that duplicate of the outline only below the eyelid but above the pupil.

Hope that makes sense. If doesn’t or you can’t get working just say and I will make an additional part for how to handle an iris.

Thanks for the quick reply James. I had inadvertantly refered to the irides (or irises) as pupils in my messages, which I have since went back and corrected.
I do get everything to work as you show in the tutorial, with the exception of the irides overlaying the outline. I am going to go back thru and double check everything that I did to see if I’ve mistepped, sometime tomorrow, after I catch a few zzz’s.

Thanks again for your help!



I got it! I didn’t have the white removed from the outline layer, and then positioned below the eyelid, above the pupil. In retrospect it seems simple enough, but it was one of those things that I was racking my brain against the wall about. Once again, I really appreciate your assistance with this!



glad you got it working :smiley:

Better to ask than waste time and energy going over the same things until you want to hit your head on the wall. I feel I am fairly good with animate yet I still probably ask more questions than anyone on this forum :slight_smile:

I might add an extra little part saying how to do it with an iris just for clarity when I do my next set of tutorials.