Tutorial Problems with keyframes

I am a newbe running TBS V3.5 on a Mac G5. Trying to work my way through the QuickStartTutorial. All goes well until page 35 in the section Building a Multliplane Scene. According to the Tut. if I activate the Tools/screneplanning/Motion menu I will get a peg with two side triangles, one for the start keyframe and one for the end keyframe. I only get one triangle and a square box. I am unable to move the keyframes and can only move the whole peg. What am I doing dumb?

I’ll do my best to help you.

You should have a peg element in your time line named “Peg-mikeant” or something similar which has the mikeant character attached to it. If you don’t have this peg element in your time line you will need to add it and then attach the mikeant character to it. When the mikeant character is attached to the peg element it will show up as slightly indented in the time line track list and you also will see a triangle next to the peg element’s name that you can use to “show” or “hide” the mikeant track label. This is called “collapsing” the peg. Also at this point go to the top menu and select Tools>Turn Peg Only Mode On (keyboard short cut “M”)

Now from your scene planning tool bar select the “motion” tool (keyboard short cut “0” (zero)) and select the time line track for your peg element “Peg-mikeant”. I am assuming that you already have mikeant positioned in your time line starting at frame 35 and extending to frame 58. So with the Peg-mikeant track label selected move your red time line frame slider to frame 35. Right click to see the context menu and select Add A Keyframe, this will be your starting motion peg keyframe. Now move the frame slider to frame 58 and again Add A Keyframe, this will be your ending motion key frame. Now you can drag this ending keyframe to it final position for the motion using Camera view and Top View and Side View if needed to adjust the position of the motion path. You also can move the frame slider back to frame 35 and drag the starting motion keyframe of your motion peg to its desired location using the 3 panels to adjust its position. If you have your software set up to create non-constant segments then you should also see a line between the keyframes on your peg track and frame tick marks on the actual motion path in camera, side and top views. If not you can right click and select set non-constant segment while the frame slider is at frame 35 and you have the motion tool selected and you have the Peg-mikeant track selected in the time line.

Please let us know if you have additional questions.
Also I suggest when you have the time read this series of articles which I wrote as they will help you to have a clearer understanding of the key framing process.
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