tutorial problem? is it me?... (butterfly tutorial - grouping)

I am doing the butterfly tutorial downloaded from this site. I am at chapter2_4.

He says to select all the shapes (ok), then group them. I go to Drawing > Group and it is grayed out - visible but unselectable. Very frustrating. This seems like a VERY important step and I cannot do it. Why?

(I have Animate not Animate 2, and although the Group command seems to be in a different place, the process should be the same. Plus this guy goes very fast, and there are unexplained steps he performs - maybe I’m missing something.)

Luckily I have some background in CG animation and can fill in some gaps, but it is frustrating. I am looking forward to learning this fine program. Any feedback welcome!

Did you do all your drawings on 1 drawing layer?Did you select in the camera view or by clicking the layer names?The kickstart tutorials are fast and gloss over a lot but they give you a great idea of what the software can do.There are lots other resources out if you check out betterflashanimation.com

Thanks, I will check over this and also the other source.follow up: there seems to be a bug(s) or something… when I restarted my computer it worked ok, doing the grouping properly. hopefully it’s something I’m doing. it could be my new computer, I am having minor trouble with the graphics card, and driver issues. i dunno, will give it time, and try to document fully the issues.

I haven’t heard of a bug related to grouping before, so let us know if it happens again. Just make sure that you have a selection that includes the multiple strokes that you want to group together. Maybe you didn’t have a selection?~LillyToon Boom Support

It was probably just me stumbling through the program for the first time. Since then I have had no problems. Thanks for the replies though.