Tutorial of how to optimize speed in Harmony at it's fullest potential

Dear Toon Boom team,

Lately i find Toon Boom slower as before. (I have this same feeling on the different machines -all Windows 10- i work with)

Of course you could blame it on the use of effect nodes, but my way of working hasn’t change in a while and i really begin to feel a difference in speed of preview and render.

I think the latest built (15414) is a bit to blame ( alot of new bugs) but i also think that Harmony could work better if there was a tutorial online that explains how to setup the software to use it at its fullest potential.

Kind regards,

Hello donbartolo,

Thanks for this suggestion!

Regarding using our software at its fullest potential, we highly recommend our Learn Portal videos available at https://learn.toonboom.com/

All content on our Learn Portal are prepared and reviewed by our expert trainers and professional services teams and contain best practices with our software.

Hello Dstruble.

Thank you for your feedback.
I hope you understand this is very vague as answer. :slight_smile:

I am not speaking about having a different ssd for os, cache and files or a strong videocard/processor. I am really aiming what could be done on the level of the software itself (through the settings) to make the experience the best.

Some exemples:
How to choose choose a folder for cache and is it possible to empty it?
Or… Is using all the cores even as using 4 cores for exemple? How does Harmony work on that level?
Or… Is increasing the gesture-sensibilty (i always put it on value level 10) a lot more processor-intensive? > Could it drain the battery of a laptop faster than a lower value.
There are some features that seem totally unexplained. A video that will explain all of them in detail would be great.

Also, I am worried about the latest built (15414) that seems very buggy. (I have different problems with the UI on different machines, but they all have one thing in common: the latest built from Harmony). I hope there will be an update soon. ^^;

Kind regards,