Tutorial library

Hi everyone,

I have been asked to gather around external ressources ( tutorial, help and such ) for Toon Boom Studio. Those links will most likely be available directly on Toon Boom website. If you have any link in mind to personnal pages or external forums or tutorials please post them here and I’ll go check their value and add them to the list. This could be a way to show yourself up in the Toon Boom community so don’t miss it.

Tech support for Toon Boom Studio

You are welcomed to check out this link to our studio’s website where we have a series of TBS FAQ type notes that we have created and assembled and are making available. We use both Flash and TBS and therefore deal with interoperability and synergy aspects. This is an evolving set of notes so it will continue to expand over time.


I have quite a few tutorials on my website for learning the basics of Toonboom. Disclaimer: These tutorials were created with version 2 of Toonboom studio so they are a little dated.