Tutorial: Highlight/Tone w/Character

This is a short tutorial for me. Hopefully I have fixed the audio issues that some people have said had some issues. Please let me know how you find it etc.

The tutorial itself is an extension on my previous tone highlight tutorial. It extends it and shows a potential way to use it with a character which I have been asked a lot. So I thought it was a good little tutorial. I am working on an existing character but it should be easy for you to apply to your own.

I am also considering doing some storyboard to finished products videos discussing a little project I am doing. My storyboards are pretty bad but effective. I don’t know if there is any interest for these on my youtube channel or not. Let me know if there is.


Hi James,
Enjoyed the tutorial, talks about what I needed to know! Great!
No issues with sound.

Thanks a lot

I actually saw this tutorial yesterday and I think the audio is vastly improved. The problem I’ve mentioned previously in regards to the audio in your tutorials, is that it sounded like maybe you where to far from the mic, but you seem to have fixed that so that’s great.

A storyboard tut sounds interesting, I recorded myself doing some last night, but I am not a professional storyboard artist and not qualified to make sb tutorials, so I might just put it up and call it a demo or something. I just hate how I sound, but it’s always good to see different approaches so I vote yes to an sb tut.

Here"s a few ideas for tutorials on topics that I think still have a bit of mystery to them.

1. Exporting scenes and compiling them into one video file. I

2. The different rigging techniques, although Marie is cooking up something to cover this issue, this for me is the most anticipated tut of all, I wouldn’t mind seeing this tut done by several different people.

3. Characters with no lines… maybe.

Thanks for the kind reply Vadik.

Alex, it wouldn’t be a storyboard tutorial, just more an overview of what I am doing. Like a WIP in videos with some audio discussing some of the things I done. I actually do the storyboard in Animate. I am somewhat embarassed to show what I do after seeings yours, but I feel my end result is pretty good.

I hate how I sound too, that is why i upload without listening. Which is why i didn’t know about the audio issues until someone told me.

For your ideas

1. That is done in other software, however i agree that some discussion of it could be worthwhile in general terms. I want to do the stereoscopic Camera’s so when I do that i will cover exporting too.

2. I will wait and see what comes out of those tutorials. I really don’t like doubling up since there is very little interest when I do (i get about 80% less views). If I feel i can add something I will. It is more likely to be specific tricks like my eye rig tutorial.

3. The easiest way would be just to draw the lines with a colour then set the colour opacity on the swatch so it is seethru. That way you can just adjust the colour when you want them back. There are other ways but like setting stroke to zero, but I am lazy and that is the easiest way i think.

Also in relation to this tutorial I realise the blue part can’t be done in standard animate, so I thought about this and realised you could use wither a graident or a patch with a gradient to get the same effect.

I pretty much know how to do all those things that I suggested, maybe not 100% sure about the 3 rigging techniques, but I was just suggesting it because I see many users asking those same questions over and over again, not only here but in other sites. I have been tempted to do those tutorials myself but … Tutorials are not for me.

Regarding the Storyboard thing, I think we are missing the #1 most important thing, and that is the Storytelling aspect of it. Are you using proper and clear staging, are you breaking the most important parts of the script down, ect. things like that is what makes a good storyboard not the drawings.

I do however believe that good clear drawings can never count against you, and since I am trying to build enough material to actually put up an online portfolio I think I go the extra mile.

To tell you the truth those brushes in Storyboard are to blame, they are the best textured brushes I have ever used, including Sketchbook pro’s brushes.
That’s right I said it!!!

I am not up to doing proper storyboarding tutorials either. basically mine are pretty much stick figure/basic outlines which I need animate all the camera movements and slowly replace the elements with the proper ones. So for me is about pacing and not getting locked into something. My general feeling is the less effort i put into storyboard drawing the more flexible i am to changing it.

Yeah I know what you mean about that, especially 1 & 3. I have been asked like 3 times on my youtube channel about 1 and always direct them to Lilly’s thread. I also feel like Lilly has answered 3 over and over (especially the how to get them back part).

Currently my list of possible tutorials is
Running water/reflection
Quick backgrounds using rotoscoping
Sparks/smoke/jet flame (2 parter for setting off a rocket all done with only effects available in standard animate)
The blue hologram from star wars effect

oooh running water sounds cool, or that refract filter that Adam Phillips loves so much for getting reflections, but it is only available in pro.

Trying to Animate water is what stopped my production on Eric the red. I needed a scene with an angry sea, high violent waves, and I had no idea how what or how to animate it. It placed that project back into the Backburner… again.