Tutorial: Glow: making glow stick and light sabers with morphing and glow.

. I got some requests for looking into the glow effect but i wanted to do a practical application too not just talk about the effect. Afterall it is so much more fun if you can see it in action . Over at the CartoonSmart Animate comp forums one user(Alex!) was talking about maybe doing a Star Wars entry which inspired me to do a light saber/glow stick type effect. At the begining of the first part you will see the various light sabers/glow sticks I will be showing you how to make.

The first section is just an introduction and goes over the tool and how to apply it.

The second section is using the glow to make that classic static look and adding some glow motion as you swing it.

The third section (not included in this post, but I will post it over the next couple of days) will be with the classic trails which look pretty neat.

Hope you all enjoy them I am always looking for new things to do tutorials on so suggestions are welcome. I am trying to make them a little more advanced since the more advanced tutorials I have done seem to be better recieved.





you reminded me last 3 parts (the coolest parts!)http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NEqQgS0zR5Ihttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9kGyj4OOcSMhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dLHGNsOlWFg

I have the newest version of toon boom animate PRO version 2. I watched the first tutorial of the guy making the glow stick / sword and I couldn’t even follow past the first minute…I don’t know if it’s a glitch in my program, but when I press the little + button on the layers, which is supposed to show a drop down box with different options…mine DOES NOT HAVE “EFFECT” listed!! Is there something I’m missing here? Does anyone know of another way to just simply add an effect to a layer? I’ve tried poking around for hours and cannot find a way! It should not be this hard! ANY input greatly appreciated thank you!!!~ frustrated

I am sorry if I confused you. I am pretty sure I flicked between pro and standard. I will have a look back and check, i would be pretty disspointed in myself if i didn’t because I had both pro and standard open in order to demonstrate in both. Maybe you need to watch a little more and you didn’t get far enough for the flick to pro. I try to when possible allow users of both to follow.If you are using the pro version the + button isn’t the correct way you need to use network view. The first part I use standard animate and flick to pro. The rest of the parts I do in pro (since it is a little more tricky to add effects in pro initially although they are more flexible because of it).If it isn’t clear I would advise jumping straight to part 2 as I add it in pro only in that part. You can always go back and watch part 1 since it is an overview and has nothing to do with creating the effect other than an introduction to the effect.If you still don’t find it clear (or have any other feedback and requests) please let me know as I am always trying to improve.

you are a genius, TheRaider!

TheRaider,Thank you so much for clarifying…I thought I was losing my mind! (well, I still am, but at least no longer with THAT issue!)I am stuck again however. I got so far as accessing the module library, the network view and playing around with trying to drag a module effect into the network view. I tried connecting them in the order it indicates on the toon boom website: " In the Network View, connect the drawing’s output port to the effect module’s input port and connect the effect’s output port to a composite, display or other effect module.You can also select the effect module, hold the [Alt] key and connect the effect to an existing connection.# In the Network View, click on the module’s yellow square to open the editor.# In the editor, modify the desired parameters.# Click on the Apply button to see the modifications.# Once done, click on the OK button to validate."Ok, so I tried to do exactly that with applying a radial blur effect to a group of rain drops I drew. I saw no effect whatsoever. The only thing according to the directions, is it says to click “apply” to see modifications…although I see no “apply” button…just “close” in the pop-up parameters box. I don’t know if that is irrelevant or not. I watched your videos and whereas I learned a lot about the morphing tool, I am still stuck on getting these effects to work.

thanks for the kind comment. I am just a fanboy for Animate :)animated4life I think you are probably just in opengl mode when you need to go into render to view to see effects (render view is slower which is why you just go there to look at effects). You will find the button at the bottom of the camera viewport looking like a coloured cog/snowflake.

excellent info ;D